Founder : Late Vaidya  Praful V. Dave

We have pleasure in putting before you the latest edition of our Therapeutic Index. We have incorporated the actions of the ingredients and also some effective combination of our product.

          With the advancement of scientific  research there is a tremendous scope for further improvement. We at our end are constantly working on various aspects of making the products more and more effective. This present stage of improvement is the result of our past research.

          We feel highly indebted for the continuous co-operation awarded on us by the lakhs of practitioners ,who have been kind enough in patronising  our product end thus encourage  us, since last more than four decades .We accept with pride and confidence that our entire progress would not have been possible without  their support .

          “ARYA” has now grown up with your blessings and co-operation .We have completed 49 year of dedication .We are pleased to inform you that as promised earlier we have introduced a separate Division for Shastrokt product along with a new division of our specialities to help you to enrich your prescription. Our principal of ‘Giving The Best’ will be there. We request you to try them and on satisfaction use them in your day-to-day practice.

           We pray to LORD DHANVANTRI to help us in our mission of serving suffering humanity through you.

Jay Ayurved