Should be taken under medical supervision

Acrimin Tablet

Akex Tablet

Alsha Tablet

Arsex Tablet

Caparin Tablet

Chlorimin Tablet

Colex Tablet

Chhardinol Tablet

Dermaclin Tablet

Dysentrin Tablet

Feverin Tablet

Fort -X Tablet

Gastrin Tablet

Gayatrin Tablet

Gonanti Tablet

Herbaliv Tablet

Herbogesic Tablet

Hemi-C Tablet

Intemem Tablet

Migroset Tablet

Nevil Tablet

Obex Tablet

Ojex Tablet

Ojex Fort Tablet

Prostend Tablet

Promptacid Tablet

Peptilin Tablet

Rajocine Tablet

R-Gem Tablet

Rejuveda Tablet

Shilacalcin-R Tablet

Sleepils Tablet

Tensorid Tablet

Vatyog Tablet

Vita-Dm Tablet

Do not use this information to diagnose or treat your problem without consulting your doctor.